As you know, a good part of your client base does not do a decent job of managing their workplace wellness programs. If you’re like most other insurance carriers, the number is around 10%. This is because of the widely held belief that all wellness programs are created equal, which is far from true. This belief often results in many companies settling for sub-par wellness programs when better options are available. Be a hero to your clients and choose a provider that focuses on high engagement and overall wellness. One thing is clear, you cannot go wrong by selecting the well-respected wellness company, Be Well Solutions.

What you need to know

As an insurance carrier you have options to satisfy your clients’ needs to deliver meaningful and successful wellness programs. Often carriers need to work with outside vendors to provide some of their wellness program needs and you expect these vendors to be experts in their field. By choosing Be Well Solutions, you can not only have all of your wellness needs handled, but you can trust that your client base will be happy with the results. In addition to engaging wellness programs, high level biometrics and extraordinary customer satisfaction, Be Well Solutions focuses on engaging participants to increase overall wellness. We are the expert partner you need to deliver quality and engaging wellness programming that lead to happy customers.

Be Well Solutions leverages evidence-based best practices in wellness programming, with the goal of actively engaging participants while mitigating healthcare-related expenses. We offer comprehensive biometric screenings, wellbeing platforms and incentive tracking designed to increase morale, detect problems early and promote behavior change in participants. As a partner, we will provide a competitive edge that will attract new clients and retain your existing client base.

While Be Well Solutions has specialized in biometric screenings for many years, that is just the beginning. We also provide ongoing monthly programming that includes updated and exclusive employee wellness content from experts in nutrition and the wellness industry. We find that this content reduces confusion from the overwhelming amount of wellness information that can be found online and increases employee engagement. In addition, we offer an array of other wellness and well-being services.

How Be Well Solutions is Unique

We will partner with you to enhance your existing services and delight customers. More than just offering services like other wellness providers, we are well-known for our “high touch” approach. Employees traditionally appreciate and engage with our hands-on and personalized approach. As a mid-sized provider, we can deliver most of the services you need, but at the same time offer a personal touch that is difficult to find with other wellness providers.

Additionally, Be Well Solutions is well-known for training recent graduates through the Dietetic Internship Program, all of whom must complete one of these internship programs to gain their license. We train these students to become Registered Dietitian Nutritionists which is the only healthcare professional qualified to provide nutritional advice with a clinical perspective. These dietitians provide a great additional benefit for our clients – a benefit that most of our partners greatly appreciate and recognize as a unique value add.

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