What is Be Well Solutions Privacy Policy?

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information with the most advanced security systems available. Once you choose to provide us with your confidential information, you can be assured that it will only be used to support your relationship with us and will not be shared with anyone, without your permission. If you click on any websites that are linked to or from our website, we cannot ensure the protection of any personal information that you provide to a third-party site, as these third-party sites are owned and operated independently. Third-party sites may have their own privacy and data collection practices that are beyond our control. Any personal information that you provide to these sites will be regulated by their privacy policy, if any. We assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the practices, actions or [...]

Why is my company offering the biometric screening?

Often biometric screenings for companies offer these as an important part of a comprehensive wellness program, a wonderful new benefit for all employees. The reason for starting the program includes the concern for the health and well-being of employees as well as the concern about the rising cost of healthcare. Research indicates that many serious diseases are preventable through lifestyle change. The wellness program is designed to reduce the risk of disease and support the adoption of healthy habits by employees who want to improve their own health and fitness levels. At Be Well Solutions, we believe that healthcare should start before you get sick. By attending the biometric screening, you become aware of your numbers and learn prevention strategies to reduce your risk factors for heart disease, stroke, metabolic syndrome and more. When choosing biometric screening companies, your employer [...]

What is done with my information after I go through the screening?

After the biometric screening, your results are entered into your secure web profile on www.bewelldata.com. Our 1024-bit SSL encryption protects the identity of our participants and pursuant to our privacy policy; Be Well Solutions does not share individual information with other parties including your organization.  If your results from the screening warrant follow up, you may be contacted by a BWS Health Coach. A summary of all participant's information will be included in an Aggregate Report. This allows formulation of a strategic wellness plan for your organization. BWS Aggregate Reporting always protects the confidentiality and privacy of each individual participant.

What if I cannot attend the onsite screening?

If you are unable to attend an onsite screening you are encouraged to see your physician for an annual physical/biometric screening. The doctor should complete the Physician Screening Form which can then be returned to Be Well Solutions.

What is an Onsite Biometric Screening?

Ensure your employees have proactive health guidance from trained professionals. Studies show employee wellness programs, including onsite biometric screenings can increase employee productivity and lower employee time off due to illness. Be Well Solutions offers engaging and educational onsite biometric screenings that assess cardiovascular risk factors and report them to participants in impactful ways. Participants’ blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol and glucose  levels are taken by experienced medical professionals. BWS provides results immediately after the onsite biometric screening. Participants receive their results in a Health Screening Report that details their numbers, normal ranges and lifestyle tips to help them maintain or improve their numbers. All participants attend a small group session, facilitated by a BWS physician or other Health Care Professional. Any participant can have a one-on-one session after the group session.

What is Be Well Solutions?

Be Well Solutions (BWS) is a wellness vendor. BWS is a physician-owned, comprehensive wellness company that specializes in full service wellness including biometric screenings, health risk assessments, wellness programming and intervention, compliance tracking and aggregate reporting. Be Well Solutions goals are to: Reduce the risk of preventable disease and promote strategies for healthy aging. BWS focuses on helping people reduce their risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Lower the overall healthcare costs of each of our client organizations by reducing health care claims, absenteeism, worker’s compensation claims and disability claims.