We work closely with benefits brokers to ensure their clients get exceptional service and proven results. We work with your professional staff to deliver evidence-based, best-practice wellness aimed at engaging participants and controlling healthcare-related expenses. We will partner with you to create a competitive advantage in the market to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Our packages are simple and easy to explain to potential clients and our pricing models are straightforward and competitive.

What Brokers Need to Know

Fewer than 20% of worksite wellness programs drive engagement and outcomes that produce a positive return on investment. Why is this so low? Because of the widely held misbelief that all wellness programs are the same. This assumption results in the choice of sub-par wellness programs that lack the principles and strategies that ensure success. Your clients deserve better – they deserve the proven strategies and effective results produced by Be Well Solutions.

The Perfect Partner

As a benefits broker, you have several options to satisfy your clients’ need for workplace wellness. We encourage you to partner with Be Well Solutions, a leader in best practice strategies that engage participants, curb healthcare costs, and support all your additional customer-focused services.

Our biometric screening programs, wellbeing platform and incentive tracking are comprehensive and designed to identify problems early and promote healthy, sustainable behavior changes.

Critical areas of compliance in-house

Our broker partners and clients can be reassured by Be Well Solutions’ commitment to regulatory compliance. By maintaining an in-house compliance officer, we ensure that our packages comply with all government regulations.

Be Well Solutions is Uniquely Committed to Education

Our primary goal is to improve the health of our clients’ employee population. We provide wellness services that target disease prevention, early detection, and healthy aging with a focus on risk management, behavioral intervention and consumer education.

This cannot be accomplished without the contribution or our staff of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN’s). An RDN is the only healthcare professional qualified to provide nutrition advice with a clinical perspective – that means diets that specifically address chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others.

Be Well Solutions believes RDNs make outstanding health educators and are essential for meaningful nutritional education. This is why we have developed the Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship program, an accredited training program for Registered Dietitians.

Give us a call today and let’s begin a conversation.

Give us a call today and let’s begin a conversation.

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