Be Well Solutions Client & Participant Testimonials

I have been working with Be Well for three years and as a result, have drastically changed my habits. I have switched to a mostly plant-based diet, intersperse my regular milk with almond milk, eat whole wheat bread, almonds, significantly more fruits and vegetables and have started eating much less cheese, sweets, take-out and soda. I have started to learn how to cook and recently took part in the Largest Loser Challenge. I want to thank Be Well for the positive changes they’ve helped me make by constantly suggesting improvements and helping me track my trends!

I would like to inform you that I am seeing a cardiologist, and today I started on a cholesterol medication and a blood pressure medication…Thanks to your informative video series, I also started a new 30 minute workout routine today, along with some diet modifications that will hopefully make me a healthier person. Thanks for your help!

I had the privilege of participating in the health screening that Be Well held for the company in which I work.  I am sending this note to let you know how impressed I am with the entire process today.  Your staff was exceptional.  Everyone was very friendly and professional. I am excited about the services that you offer as tools to help me set and reach my goals in a healthy manner. I have learned over many years that education is so important and knowledge is power. No matter how much power I have achieving goals can still be difficult. Accountability and motivation are two aspects that help me reach goals and having your group to help gives me optimism in my future health improvements.

I am still doing the 30 minute exercise in the morning before work, sometime it’s a bit hard to force myself out of the warm bed, but I have decided I’m worth it. Thanks again for all the great support, I cheated a bit today and used snow shoveling as my half hour work out.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the job well done you all did today.  Your staff rocked!  They helped to keep everything running smooth and keep our people on track.  I’ve heard nothing but good things from the staff and that is always a plus!  Bill was excellent…heard a few comments about him too!

The audience was truly captivated by what you had to say and your presentation was stellar. We are grateful that you were able to present at our meeting and answer questions afterwards from the audience. I have never seen the attention—ever—from the audience. We could have stayed and listened to Bill for hours.

Bill’s presentation was one of the best that we have ever had. He provided information that was of interest to everybody and delivered it in a simple to understand way. I hope that everybody took some notes. I know I did.

We’ve had a few different speakers in here over the last year and in my opinion Be Well definitely gives the best presentations, so thanks!!

One of the (if not the) best presentations that we have ever had. Very good speaker. Very important topic. Keep up the good work!

Today went without a hitch. Eileen was, as all the employees are, wonderfully cheerful, energetic & positive minded, which is a key to those in your profession because the natural reaction from employees (well, our employees) is mostly fear, embarrassment, untrusting, etc. so it takes special people to break down the barriers and have an impact. I think all of you do a fine job and obviously, practice the better eating habit which you preach for a living. So, job well done!

A big thanks to Be Well. I’ve grown accustomed to the positive energy that each and every person associated with Be Well seems to possess. I see people who enjoy what they do, regardless of any negative or positive outcomes for us. I see the enjoyment and hear the pleasure in their voices when presenting anything to do with healthier lifestyles. These seminars are great, also, in that each person is an example physically of healthier living so the message is on display by the orator.

I’m a champion for Be Well & I’m excited about the next time we get examined because I absolutely know my numbers are going to be drastically different!!!

You are truly making a difference – two of my production people who have never exercised in their lives and eat fast food every day – asked me for the waiver on the fitness room. You made getting healthy sound like something they could actually do. Baby steps.

I just watched the Be Well video –The Truth about Diet, Nutrition and Exercise.  I want to congratulate you on what I believe will be an approach that should be well received by our employees as it was by me.  I particularly like the way you stress finding foods and exercise that a person enjoys and stressing incremental changes toward a healthier lifestyle.  That removes the judgmental tone that can creep into programs and stresses the positive more than the grim reaper.  I liked the way you allowed for treats and slips as part of working on a healthy diet and offered very practical examples of how to alter eating habits.  I’m going to watch the other program in the next few days.  Nice job!

I wanted to thank you again for the event today.  I’ve gotten several “awesome job”, “best presentation I’ve ever gotten on my numbers”, and “can we have them back again”, from our employees.  They were very impressed with Be Well. They were equally impressed that a physician came with the group!

The program last month really inspired me. I was really shocked to find out I was pre-diabetic, I had no idea. I never considered that’s what my numbers meant. Since that program, I’ve found a personal trainer and am going to the gym 3X’s a week to work out. We’ve changed my diet and eliminated breads, pasta and white potatoes for now. I am feeling more energetic and sore! I want to thank Be Well for last month’s seminar, it was my Aha! moment.

In case I haven’t said it lately, I want to thank you for all you’ve done to help us build a great program for the City. I’m really proud of what we’ve put together and our early results—it’s changing lives. I appreciate your guidance.

Three months ago I was a participant in a health fair that Be Well Solutions conducted at my organization. I went into this with the opinion that I was a pretty healthy person with a little bit of a weight problem. No big deal, Right?? I was way wrong. My results were shocking and scary. My blood sugar was way out of control and my cholesterol was borderline but it was on the high side also. I found I was just more than a little overweight, I was obese. The caregivers explained my results and told me I should see my doctor ASAP. My doctor ran some tests and found my A1C was at 10.7. He told me I needed to get my diet under control and make some changes. He put me on some medicine for my blood sugar. I am happy to let you all know that this past Friday, I had my 3 month follow up for him to check my bloodwork. My results were great and I think he was even a little bit surprised. I lost 13 pounds and my blood sugar returned to a normal level. He told me my most significant improvement was lowering my A1C from a 10.7 to a 5.8. I also lowered my cholesterol to the point where he was not concerned about it anymore. I go back for more bloodwork in 6 months and if I continue improving, he will consider taking me off the meds. What a blessing that would be! I just wanted to thank you for what you do! I probably would’ve carried on with the same unhealthy lifestyle if I hadn’t participated in the health fair. I have made big changes to my diet and I now walk a mile and a half nightly. I feel better and I sleep better! Your organization most definitely added more years to my life to spend with my kids and I will be forever grateful!

I really need to share with you guys that one of the Closers in Charlotte, and one of the best company wide, just pulled me aside to thank me for bringing the Biometric Screening process into the office.

Last month, at the screening, he had a private one on one meeting with Bill Frankel who shared with him that his screening results indicated that he was basically “a stroke waiting to happen.” His blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol were all extremely high and this discussion was a huge wake up call for him.  He is the father of 4 little children and has been part of the Team for many years now!

Since this news scared the crap out of him, he went to the doctor, has started eating healthier, exercising more, and has cut back on smoking (has not quit yet.)  As a result in 1 month, he has lost 30 pounds, has gone down from a size 44 to a size 38.  He now swims in his new pool rather than just hanging out in it, plays sports with his kids, and walks every day at work, at least 30 minutes each day during his lunch break.

I had to pass along this story because as we know, there were a lot of eyes that rolled at this program when it was first introduced, but this is just one example of someone, an extremely valuable team member at that, who may now be on the path to preventing a major health issue and the biometric screening is what triggered it all.

HR Team – great job of pushing for something that can only have more positive outcomes like this one!

Well, everything went off without a hitch today with Karli. I’m going to apologize for being a broken record, however, too bad! Karli displayed the same AWESOME personality and capabilities as anyone! I told her, Be Well needs to bottle up that enthusiasm drug and sell it! Dealing with vendors usually is polite and professional but usually without the………….well, I’d call it a “displayed love of their job.” Everyone from Be Well advertises their love of their job in their body language & speech! It’s all enthusiastic!

I’m just always impressed with everyone from Be Well. What a job!

Karli’s presentation was insightful and reiterated the Be Well message as good as anyone we’ve had so far and the participating employees will certainly learn from it.

I close in saying all the positive adjectives to describe our experiences so far are applicable for today’s seminar too. Whomever is your recruiter……have them send me some machinists with the same makeup! What an awesome team to be working with. So….HAPPY!

Everyone is singing their praise! We actually had, what I think, is great participation from the operators and a good turn out from the rest of the plant…. THE ENTIRE staff from Be Well have been AMAZING to work with!

The employees are saying how much better the tests were this year and how organized, friendly, and knowledgeable the Be Well team was!  They showed up on time and ready to work!  Everything ran so smooth…. I am soooooooo pleased!!!!

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