January 2019 – Exercise Your Brain

Identify your bias Are you biased? Of course you are! We all have biases that can help or hurt how we navigate the world and the people in it. Our biases can be explicit or implicit, meaning we’re aware or unaware of them, respectively. Explicit biases are simpler to address because we’re conscious of them. On the other hand, our implicit biases are involuntary and might not align with our declared beliefs. The problem is that these biases could cause us to inadvertently engage with viewpoints we don’t truly agree with. Good news! Implicit biases are malleable; our brains are incredibly complex, so the negative associations we’ve formed through our lifetime can be unlearned. The first step, though, is identifying your implicit biases. Get your results by taking an implicit bias test from Project Implicit at Harvard University:

January 2019 – Simple Ways to Stress Less

Donate Blood New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be related to your physical health. New Year’s Resolutions don’t just relate to your physical health, your emotional health and wellbeing are often even more important. Research shows that doing something nice and helping others is associated with a myriad of health benefits including: reduced stress, improved emotional wellbeing, a sense of belonging/reduce isolation feelings, and even decreased negative feelings.  Do something nice for others to put a smile on their face and yours. Did you know January is National Blood Donor Month?!  Try something nice this month by donating blood! One blood donation can save up to three lives and every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. Learn more about giving blood at

January 2019 – Try a New Move

Slide to exercise Do the slide! Are furniture sliders the answer to overcoming your workout rut? If you have a little open floor space in your home or office, you can challenge every muscle in your body with a set of inexpensive furniture sliders. Using furniture sliders, or core discs, offers the same challenge of walking on ice, but without the fall risk! You’ll improve your balance and open yourself up to a whole new world of low-impact core exercises. Even better, you don’t even need actual furniture or core sliders to get started; paper plates or a couple washcloths on a hard-surfaced floor work too. Want an official set? Search online for “core discs.” There’s plenty of options for less than $10. While you’re at it, check out these 31 exercises for a full body workout with your sliders

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