Insurance Carriers

Do you need a valued partner for on-site screenings, webinars or other activities that support risk management in your covered populations? Be Well Solutions is an outstanding option for insurance carriers looking to outsource wellness services to atrusted, experienced provider.

Fast Data Turnaround and Secure File Transfer

Be Well Solutions has been working as a provider for insurance companies and TPA’s for nearly a decade, providing outstanding service and accurate and timely data. Our automated entry provides minimal turnaround time between data collection and transfer to the ultimate destination. We have Secure File Transfer Protocols that enable automated exchange of eligibility and results files.

Need an On-site Expert?  Let Us Help

If you struggle to find health experts to deliver messages about nutrition, exercise, stress management or any other area of wellbeing, look to Be Well Solutions to fill the need. Our team of health professionals will deliver the messages your subscribers need to hear in the interest of disease management, disease prevention and age appropriate screenings.

Be Well Solutions creates highly satisfied, healthier employees – that means fewer and less substantial claims costs for you.

Be Well Solutions is Unique – A Commitment to Education

Our primary goal is to improve the health of our clients’ employee population. We provide wellness services that target disease prevention, early detection, and healthy aging with a focus on risk management, behavioral intervention and consumer education.

This cannot be accomplished without the contribution or our staff of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN’s). An RDN is the onlyhealthcare professional qualified to provide nutrition advice with a clinical perspective – that means diets that specifically address chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others.

Be Well Solutions believes RDNs make outstanding health educators and are essential for meaningful nutritional education. This is why we have developed the Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship program, an accredited training program for Registered Dietitians.

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