Package Elements

Weigh of Life

Weigh of Life is a 12-week weight management and healthy lifestyle program developed by registered dietitians. Organizations that have tried it reported three-quarters of participants have reported losing weight and making other healthy changes as a result of the program.

Worksite Flu Shot Programs

The flu is one of the most preventable causes of absenteeism during the fall and winter months. Flu shots are safe, dependable and covered by many insurance carriers.

Biometric Screening

A biometric screening program is a healthcare process that assesses key medical indicators to determine one’s current health risks.

Health Risk Assessment

Our proprietary Health Risk Assessment was developed by Be Well’s public health experts and assesses critical areas, including health habits, current health conditions, nutritional and exercise habits, sleep and emotional health and financial wellbeing.

Incentive Tracking

Be Well Solutions designs customized programs that motivate, encourage, and educate participants, driving them toward healthy habits and long-standing lifestyle changes.

Aggregate Reporting

Following the screenings, Be Well Solutions analyzes and presents the data in an easy to understand, detailed organizational health assessment.

Administrator Support

Our dedicated Account Managers work directly with client contacts to coordinate every aspect of an impactful, engaging wellness program.

Annual Programming

Our consistent schedule of screenings, wellness campaigns, proactive outreach and regular communication keep employees engaged and aware throughout the year.