Our Health Risk Assessment Process

Our proprietary Health Risk Assessment was developed by BWS’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ron Golovan and, BWS’s Director of Operations, Dr. Michael Schechter.  The comprehensive questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to complete and can be taken online or in-person at a biometric screening. It was written at an 8th grade reading level and is also available in Spanish. The HRA is GINA compliant and can be customized to suit your specific population.

The aggregate results of your health risk assessments will be thoughtfully incorporated into the educational content of the seminars, presentations, wellness challenges and other components of your wellness program.

corporate nutrition programs

Based on your health risk assessment results, Be Well health professionals can facilitate goal setting, educate employees, and set personal targets to achieve their goals. Be Well also has nutritionists on staff to implement corporate nutrition programs or create custom nutrition programs for employees based on their HRA results. Some of the HRA questions are written to gauge program interests from the participants to help with planning the wellness program.

Remember, it is not just about assessments but also influencing behavior changes and improving outcomes.  We won’t just leave your employees with an assessment they don’t understand.  We will be there to provide guidance to improve the future of their health status.

The Health Risk Assessments are provided not just to help the employee/participants, but also the company.  A summary of these assessments will provide guidance about the state of your corporate workforce.  And since much of the assessment, guidance and programming were developed by our doctors and nurses, you can feel more assured by the reliability of the overall program for your company.

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