Administrator Support

The administrator support provided to you and your organization is done so through a talented group of account managers who are proactive, responsive and knowledgeable. Your organization’s personal account manager instantly becomes a go-to resource for program planning, rollout and ongoing support to assuring engagement and success.

Knowledge with a Strategic Perspective

Our account managers understand key elements of wellness and have experience dealing with any type of workplace setting and employee culture. Their understanding of public health, population engagement and communication strategies make them an ideal resource to help initiate and maintain program goals. Account managers attend quarterly wellness committee meetings to make sure planning and implementation stay on track.

Effective, Responsive and Service Oriented

You and your employees will appreciate the prompt response and outstanding service provided by the account management team. Questions are answered promptly, issues are resolved quickly, and customer satisfaction is maintained at outstanding levels. From implementation through ongoing administration, you will remain informed and aware of every important program element.

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