Incentive Tracking

The principal drivers of success in corporate wellness are proactive leadership support and logical and understandable incentives. Incentives may be based on participation, results (outcomes), or a combination of the two.

Incentives Can Reward for Participation, Results or Both

Incentives help employees keep motivated and stay on track, increasing the likelihood of effecting long-term behavior changes. Unfortunately, many wellness programs make it all about the incentives and the tracking, and less about the long-term benefits and objectives of the outcomes, which are crucial to keep in perspective.

Be Well Solutions has incentive programs that motivate, encourage and support ongoing behavior change in the interest of health. Our dedicated account management team works with our clients to design incentive programs that reflect your organization’s culture, goals, and prior experience with wellness.

Our programs are compliant with current administrative and legislative regulations. Let us work with you to design an incentive program that drives engagement and outcomes for your entire organization.

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