Aggregate Reporting

Following the screening, Be Well Solutions presents the Organizational Health Assessment, a detailed report combining aggregate results of the Health Risk Assessment and biometric screenings.

The aggregate report provides an overview of your group’s wellbeing and identifies areas of concern and areas for improvement. We organize your population’s health risk in an understandable way and provide an overview of programming to address these health concerns in your population. The report will guide the formulation of an ongoing strategic wellness plan for your organization.

Cohorts and Population Data on an Ongoing Basis

Beginning in the second year of the wellness program, Be Well Solutions presents overall population changes, as well as changes and progress among your cohort population (those who have participated in multiple years). Our clinical staff and your personal account manager play an instrumental role in translating the data into a meaningful plan of action.

We regularly evaluate your program’s goals and objectives based on the aggregate information and present a calendar of events for interventions and campaigns offered for the upcoming year. We work with you to ensure that this is deliverable, actionable, useful and effective.

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