Annual Programming

Annual Programming 

Be Well Solutions understands that effective programs need to constantly maintain engagement. We produce new content on a regular basis, addressing physical and emotional health issues on an ongoing basis.  

Secure Health Portal

Every member of your organization will have access to our proprietary web portal –  Using the portal, participants can review their risk profile, schedule a screening, make an appointment with a coach, watch videos, participate in challenges and more!

Wellness Challenges

Our 28-day wellness challenges allow participants to develop healthier habits in a fun and educational way.  So much of prevention comes down to discovering simple changes we can make in our daily lives. Our campaigns allow participants to track, learn and practice healthy habits in the areas of exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management and more.

Monthly E-newsletter

Each month every member of your organization receives topical, accurate and timely information using easy to understand terminology.  Our newsletters feature motivating articles and healthy recipes that promote wellbeing and resilience.

Health Coaching

Our certified staff of nurses, wellness coaches, diabetic educators (CDE’s) and Registered Dietitians (RDN’s) are available to engage, motivate and support your team members in need of assistance.  Be Well’s coaches are experts in the areas of motivational interviewing and promoting healthy change. Having easy access to RDN’s assures participants receive medically sound advice in the areas of general and disease-focused nutritional strategies. 

Targeted Outreach

Our extensive Health Risk Assessment process allows us to collect key data about each participant’s lifestyle, screening habits, and biometric results.  This data allows us to target specific participants for further follow up. Participants with diabetes or pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and those in need of preventive screening are reminded on an annual basis by e-mail or postal mail.


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