COVID-19: Worksite Flu Shot Programs

Worksite flu shot clinics play an important role in preventing the spread of flu among your employees and their families. The flu vaccine is a low-risk, high-yield public health measure.

Be Well Solutions offers on-site flu shot clinics with no set-up or labor fees. We can submit claims for reimbursement to Medical Mutual of Ohio or Anthem for covered employees.

The CDC Recommends Flu Shots for All Adults and Children Older than Six Months.

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Each year in the U.S., flu is responsible for 200 million days of diminished productivity, 100 million days of bed disability, 75 million days of work absences and 22 million visits to health care providers. During the late fall and winter, the flu is responsible for 45 percent of workdays lost and for 49 percent of low productivity days among working adults ages 50-64.

Sick employees are simply not capable of performing at their best. Studies show that workers with the flu demonstrate impaired performance of simple reaction-time tasks by 20 percent to 40 percent, which can increase the probability of error or injury.

Flu vaccination lowered the risk of having to go to the doctor by about 60 percent for people of all ages, according to the CDC.

This year, we’re offering three options for our turnkey flu shot program:

Option 1: Traditional onsite clinic. For those clients who are back in the office, we will set up our clinic as usual.

Option 2: Drive thru clinic. For those clients whose employees are not all back at the office or don’t want more people in the building, we’re offering drive thru clinics in their parking lots.

Option 3: Onsite lobby or entrance area clinic. For clients who would prefer the clinic to be set up in an open area near the entrance of their building, we’re offering that option too.

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