The Be Well Mission

Our mission is to positively impact employees’ emotional and physical health through a variety of workplace wellness packages. This results in healthier, more productive employees and reduced healthcare related expenditures. Our services are available onsite, online, and telephonically.

Be Well Solutions works to foster the relationship each participant has with their own primary care physician, which encourages proactive healthcare consumerism in addition to positive lifestyle changes.

We accomplish our mission by connecting with participants to increase their awareness of what wellness means and the many things they can do to improve their individual wellbeing. We work on developing a personal connection with your employees to increase the likelihood of greater self-awareness, enhanced compliance, and better outcomes. These relationships help participants understand their risks, learn tactics for improving their health results, and develop long-term behavior changes. We strive to meet participants’ needs by offering a variety of wellness activities and programs that encourage healthy habits and promote an impactful doctor-patient relationship.

Offerings such as biometric screening programs, worksite flu shots and wellness campaigns provide ongoing opportunities to encourage disease prevention, early detection, and overall healthy aging.

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