corporate wellness programAs part of your corporate wellness program, after the screening process is completed, Be Well Solutions analyzes and presents an organizational health assessment. This report combines results of the Health Risk Assessment with biometric screenings. The aggregate report provides a solid understanding of your population’s health and where there are areas of concern and areas for improvement.  Together we identify your population’s risk factors, including BMI, cholesterol, glucose, hypertension, tobacco use and other lifestyle factors. We provide an overview of onsite programming, seminars and other educational content which we offer and can tailor to address health concerns in your population. This report will guide the formulation of a strategic wellness plan for your organization.  For large organizations or clients with multiple office locations, we can provide location-specific aggregate reports, contingent on a 20-person minimum in order to protect the health information of the participants. We will also provide  compliance reporting of who has completed the screenings (both onsite and offsite) at the end of the screening period.  Our reports always protect the confidentiality and privacy of each individual participant.

Beginning in year two of your wellness program, Be Well Solutions presents overall population changes as well as changes and progress among your cohort population. Most of our customers and partners look forward to this annual review session, knowing that it will present insights and suggested action plans. Our medical staff of doctors and nurses play an instrumental role in translating the reporting data into a plan of action.

Each year, we analyze your program’s goals and objectives based on the aggregate information, and present a calendar of events for the interventions offered throughout the year. We work together with you to ensure that this is deliverable, actionable, useful and effective.

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