Be Well Solutions is a leader in providing incentive tracking and corporate wellness programs.  Our dedicated Account Management team works with our clients to design a customized incentive tracking program that motivates, encourages, and results in behavior change from participants. We believe that the two drivers of successful engagement in corporate wellness programs include leadership support and a strong corporate wellness incentive tracking program. There is no doubt that every wellness program should be using incentives, and most do include this critical component.  Incentives help employees keep motivated and stay on track, thus increasing the likelihood of effecting behavior changes in the long term.   Unfortunately, many wellness programs make it all about the incentives and the incentive tracking, and less about the long term outcomes.

With you, we design a 3-5 year plan, reflecting your organization’s culture, goals and prior experience with wellness. Our incentive-based programs include:

  • Participatory Incentives
  • Health Contingent (Target-Based) Incentives
  • Combined Participatory and Health Contingent Incentives
  • An Appeals Process and “Reasonable Alternatives” for Health Contingent Incentives
    • As part of health care reform, corporate wellness offerings that provide incentives based on specific health metrics (i.e. BMI, cholesterol, etc.) will be required to offer reasonable alternative standards to employees who do not meet the initial requirements.
    • Be Well Solutions is committed to improving the health of our wellness participants, and we have designed reasonable alternative programs to comply with the new regulations.

We assure legal compliance and programs designed to meet guidelines consistent with the Affordable Care Act. Let us work with you to design an incentive program which drives engagement at your company.


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