Incentive Tracking

Be Well Solutions is a leader in providing incentive-based corporate wellness offerings.  We assure legal compliance and programs designed to meet guidelines consistent with the new Affordable Care Act.

With you, we design a 3-5 year plan, reflecting your organization’s culture, goals and prior experience with wellness. Our incentive-based programs include:

  • Participatory Incentives
  • Health Contingent (Target Based) Incentives
  • Combined Participatory and Health Contingent Incentives
  • An Appeals Process and “Reasonable Alternatives” for Health Contingent Incentives
    • As part of health care reform, corporate wellness offerings that provide incentives based on specific health metrics (i.e. BMI, cholesterol, etc.) will be required to offer reasonable alternative standards to employees who do not meet the initial requirements.
    • Be Well Solutions is committed to improving the health of our wellness participants, we have designed reasonable alternative programs to comply with the new regulations.
      • Let us show you how these reasonable alternatives can help your organization! Click here for more information. 


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