Evidence-Based Weight Management

Tired of fad diets and unrealistic exercise programs?Weigh of Life

Do you find it difficult to transform bad habits into healthy ones? Are you tired of fad diets and complicated exercise apps? The experts at Be Well Solutions have designed a program to help you overcome these obstacles.

Weigh of Life is a 12-week weight management and lifestyle program developed by registered dietitians. The program provides the resources and support for a safe and sustainable journey towards better health. Those who have tried it reported three-quarters of participants losing weight due to making heathy changes from the program.

Participants receive weekly messages and challenges focusing on nutrition, exercise, and stress management. They have access to short and understandable videos, handouts, resource guides, and interactive worksheets.

Our easy-to-use app makes tracking new behaviors simple. In addition, ongoing support from our team of Registered Dietitians and Certified Health Coaches is only a click away.


“This program is not a weight loss program – it’s a healthy lifestyle program. This program began at a turning point in my life and I
truly don’t think I would be as healthy as I am today without it”.

– Weigh of Life Graduate


“I liked how easy it was to track and monitor everything. I hate counting calories/points based on meals, so the method used during this program was way more feasible.”

– Weigh of Life Graduate

“The tracker reminded me every day to pay attention to these things, but it wasn’t as complicated as some of the apps I’ve tried.”

– Weigh of Life Graduate

“[This program delivers] small manageable steps. It wasn’t overwhelming and I feel like I truly made life changes as a result.”

– Weigh of Life Graduate

“I have definitely seen the value & really the ease of eating healthier! Thank you!”

– Weigh of Life Graduate

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