Are you looking for the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life? We have got you covered! Keep your workout buddy on track with these trendy ideas for every type of exerciser.

The Gym Goer

A Functional Gym Bag

Keeping up with a workout routine in a busy schedule usually means packing a change of clothes and gym shoes so you can be ready to go in a flash. A functional bag like Focus Gear’s Ultimate Gym Bag has a compartment for all the necessities, including water-resistant pouches and a specific compartment for shoes. It can keep all your gear in one spot for those quick on-the-go workouts.

The Gift of Fitness Classes

Know someone who loves fitness classes and is always eager to try out a new one? The ClassPass Gift Card is a great way to give the gift of all kinds of fitness classes. It can be used at various gym classes, spa appointments, and even digital classes.

The Home Workout Extraordinaire 

Yoga/Activity Mat

Whether practicing yoga, stretching, or following a home workouts routine, a mat like the Gaiam Yoga Mat is a great way to mark off your exercise space. It is also a safe, space-saving way to reduce the risk of injury by adding a non-slip surface for workouts.

                                                                                                    Space Saving Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great strength training choice for those with limited exercise space, travel often, or are looking for a joint-friendly option. Their size and versatility make them functional for full-body workouts. Sets like the SPRI Resistance Band Kit can include multiple resistance levels and handle attachments to customize workouts.

The Outdoor Enthusiast 

Secured Personal Items While On-the-Go

The great outdoors provides many options for exercise. But carrying the essentials such as your phone, money, and keys can be challenging depending on your activity.

Running belts are a hands-free way to always keep these items with you. Some even have added safety features like the FlipBelt Reflective Running Belt.

A Passport to Parks Across the Country

If you know a hiker or adventure seeker, then the ‘America the Beautiful’ National Parks Pass is a perfect gift. Passes are valid for one year and provide entrance to all Federal Recreation Lands, including national parks, monuments, and battlefields.

The Total Tracker

The Perfect Activity Tracker

Trackers are great for building motivation around movement and exercise. These days you can find trackers for all different goals and objectives. Someone who enjoys monitoring pace or mileage while exercising would like a tracker with GPS such as those from Garmin. Those working to build better wellness habits with activity, sleep, and stress would enjoy the features on trackers from Fitbit. And someone looking to amp up their current workout routine by monitoring things like training, recovery, and in-app coaching would enjoy the trending Whoop membership.

Planners and Logs to Stay on Track

Do you know someone who struggles to stay on track with their exercise? Keeping a log such as the Cossac Fitness Journal & Workout Planner helps with exercise planning can motivate those who enjoy seeing their goals and progress on paper. Or you could consider a Habit Tracker to keep health and wellness goals a top priority.


Essentials for Any Exerciser


Hydration is important for any exercise. An insulated water bottle like the Bubba Trailblazer can hold up to 40 oz and keeps water cold for up to 42 hours. If you know someone who likes to keep water with them everywhere they go, then the self-cleaning  Philips GoZero water bottle is a great choice.

Sweet Sounds

Know someone that is looking for a boost in their workout? The gift of earbuds will bring motivating music and the latest podcasts right to their ears. Look for an exercise-friendly pair like the Bose Sport Earbuds. These are weather and sweat proof and made for movement.

Rings Made for Activity

Exercise can be tough on jewelry. Silicone rings are designed for active lifestyles and adventurous activities. Many of these rings come in a variety of colors and styles to add a personalized touch. Groove Life Silicone Rings are unique by having breathable grooves and a lifetime warranty.


Rest + Recovery 

                                                                         Percussion Therapy

Combat sore muscles with the gift of self-massage. Massage guns are compact and portable, which allow for a deep tissue massage before or after any workout. The LifePro Sonic Massage Gun comes with eight different massage heads for more individualized recovery.

Cold Massage

Post-exercise icing is one of the best ways to promote recovery by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation. However, ice can be messy and not always available. A Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller like the one from Recoup Fitness is a perfect on-the-go option.

We wish you a happy, healthy, and active holiday season!


This is not a paid endorsement. The links are not affiliate links. Be Well Solutions does not make money from the products mentioned in this article. All of the above are recommendations from our staff.

Always consult with your physician before starting a new exercise program.


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Written by BWS Lead Health Coach- Kelly Schlather, BS, ASCM – CEP