Over the last few years, many people have adapted and embraced a mix of in-person and virtual interactions. Hybrid work combines days in the office and days working remotely. Grocery shopping can be in-store or online with delivery. Our ever-changing schedules require more flexibility with our work and livelihood. Gyms are also finding ways to embrace this hybrid model to make exercise a more realistic habit for everyone to achieve.

The Facts

Hybrid gyms offer both in-person exercise and virtual exercise options. These virtual options can include on-demand classes, certified trainer access, and even personalized plans. As technology continues to grow, the demand for businesses to keep up also grows. Fitness centers are finding new ways to engage with their member population and prospective clients. According to ACE Fitness, 61% of fitness clubs surveyed have a mobile app (ACE Fitness)[1]. Gyms are finding they can continue in-person fitness while using technology to offer expert knowledge to members who need the flexibility of accommodating their varying exercise schedules.

The Benefits

Hybrid memberships allow you to experience the best of both worlds with fitness. You can exercise onsite with other members and trainers to increase support and ensure proper technique. Working out in person at a facility will typically offer a variety of equipment to vary in intensity and modality. However, sometimes our schedule doesn’t always allow for a trip to the gym. An option to open an app anytime and anywhere brings flexibility that encourages more consistency with exercise.


Consider your budget, goals, and schedule when contemplating a gym membership. In some cases, the hybrid membership is an additional add-on to the traditional membership with an extra cost. Be aware of extra fees or add-ons before purchasing, and make sure they are features you will utilize. Before attempting workouts alone, ask the fitness professionals onsite about the proper form, technique, and app function. If you prefer exercising in a specific place with others for accountability, you might stick with a traditional membership instead.

When consistent exercise is your goal, you should strive to make it as convenient as possible. Those who work variant schedules, take kids to practice in different places, or travel often may find a hybrid membership a convenient option to keep physical activity consistent.

Always consult with your physician before starting a new exercise program.

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