Steps to Build a Healthy Lunchbox

When filling up your children’s lunch box, make sure to include a variety of different foods. Half of their lunch should consist of fruits and vegetables, a quarter should be protein, and a quarter should be whole grains. It is important for children to consume a variety of nutrients because they play an important role in growth and development. Follow these 5 easy steps to build your child a balanced lunch!

Tips and tricks to get your kids to eat their packed lunch:

  • Get them involved! Encourage your kids to get involved with the planning and preparing of their school lunches. Teach them the importance of nutrition while making it fun and interactive!
  • Write a note! Slip a handwritten note into their lunchbox. These notes can be a picture, story, memory, silly joke, or words of encouragement! Writing them notes will make them look forward to lunchtime.
  • Cut their food into shapes! Get creative with cookie cutters and molds. Forming their lunchtime foods into shapes will make lunchtime more exciting. Cut sandwiches and produce into hearts, stars, flowers, and animals!

Written by BWS Dietetic Intern– Amy Hawley

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