Wellness Gift Guide

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For many, this year has brought an unprecedented wave of stress and anxiety, which can wreak havoc on our health. This holiday season, consider giving gifts of wellness to your family and loved ones. These gifts help remind people about the importance of self-care and emotional balance. Our team at Be Well Solutions has put together this list of thoughtful wellness gifts. 



People’s motivation for exercise tends to decline in the winter months for a variety of reasons, including cooler temperatures, worsening weather conditions, and shorter days. The gifts below are ideal for both well-established fitness enthusiasts and those just looking for a little extra motivation to stay active all season long. 

– Foam roller

– Wireless earbuds

– Home workout equipment such as resistance bands or a jump rope

– Gym bag

– Massage gun

– Cold weather workout clothes (e.g., running vest, gloves, neck gaiter, ear warmers)


Stress Management

This year has impacted everyone in unique ways. These gifts are ideal for anyone in your life who might need extra assistance to manage and cope with life’s uncertain stressors.

– Diffuser and oils for aromatherapy 

– Gratitude journal

– Bath bombs or at-home “spa” items

– Massage or spa voucher



With most people spending more time at home, many Americans have also started preparing more home-cooked meals. These gifts below are perfect for any foodie or master chef in your life. 

– Vegetable spiralizer

– Air fryer

– Fruit-infuser water bottle

– Kitchen herb garden

– Bento box

– Hand immersion blender



Sleep is an important component of wellness that can often go overlooked. Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with the items below.

– Weighted blanket

– White noise machine

– Wake-up light and alarm clock

– Blackout curtains

– Lavender eye mask


General Wellness

These gift ideas are more general, but perfect for friends or coworkers who have an interest in wellness. 

– Blue-light filtering glasses

– Wellness journal

– Planner / Calendar (great for meal planning or workout planning)

– Home office organizer


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