Top Fitness Gifts for Every Exerciser

Trendy Essentials Workout Games. Make exercise routines fun by incorporating workout games. Games like Fitness Dice, Exercise Cards, or The HIIT Game can add spark to any workout session. These activities are also a great way to get the whole family involved in fitness. Jewelry Travel Case. Keep your rings and other jewelry safe and protected while you’re exercising. Whether at the gym or on the run, a jewelry travel case can help. Choose one like the Ring Thing keychain, which holds multiple rings and easily clips to your keys or gym bag. Moisture Wicking Socks. We all joke about gifting socks, but these will surely be a hit. From preventing frostbite to blisters, moisture-wicking socks are necessary and inexpensive must-haves. Gift a pack like these women’s or men’s options and have your exerciser set for the season. The Home [...]

Spotlight: Wellness Gift Guide, December 2020

Wellness Gift Guide Read Time: 1 min 24 sec For many, this year has brought an unprecedented wave of stress and anxiety, which can wreak havoc on our health. This holiday season, consider giving gifts of wellness to your family and loved ones. These gifts help remind people about the importance of self-care and emotional balance. Our team at Be Well Solutions has put together this list of thoughtful wellness gifts.    Fitness People’s motivation for exercise tends to decline in the winter months for a variety of reasons, including cooler temperatures, worsening weather conditions, and shorter days. The gifts below are ideal for both well-established fitness enthusiasts and those just looking for a little extra motivation to stay active all season long.  - Foam roller - Wireless earbuds - Home workout equipment such as resistance bands or a jump [...]