Make a Hydration Station in your Fridge! All the good-for-you foods are packed with water: fruits and vegetables. We get most of our hydration from drinking fluids, but about 20% of our hydration needs are met by the food we eat. Prepare fruits and vegetables once or twice a week to keep in the fridge. Wash and slice (if needed) and put in snack-size containers. When someone in the house wants a snack, they can quickly grab good nutrition and hydration. Some fruits and vegetables have a higher water content than others. The following is a list of produce picks with high water content. Pick a variety of fruits and vegetables from the list below to create great nutrition for your Hydration Station:

Fruit Vegetables
Apples Cucumber
Watermelon Tomato
Peaches Celery
Strawberries Zucchini
Cantaloupe Bell pepper
Oranges Cauliflower
Grapefruit Radish
Pineapple Lettuce


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