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Selecting the right wellness company not only makes you look like a hero, but also takes a heavy weight off your shoulders and allows you to better use your time. Time better spent on managing the more direct human resource activities in your organization

What human resource leaders need to know about selecting wellness companies

What percentage of companies are doing a decent job of workplace wellness programming? The number is around 10%. Not good. Why so low? Because of the widely held belief that all wellness programs are created equal. WRONG! Accepting this assumption usual results in producing a sub-par wellness program. You when can do better and your employees deserve better. Make the right choice and be a hero to management and your employees. One thing for certain, you cannot go wrong by selecting the well-respected wellness company, Be Well Solutions.

What you need to know as a Human Resource leader in selecting a Wellness program

Rather than trying to manage your wellness program internally, it is advisable to work with a well-respected outside vendor. These vendors are experts in the field. Following this approach result in more highly satisfied employees, with better outcomes — thus elevating employees’ perception of management’s interest in its employees. Be Well Solutions (BWS) is a highly regarded expert in the field. At BWS our goal is not just to develop interesting programs and conduct high level biometrics and incentive programs, but to engage participants in a personal way with high touch. Organizations have a difficult time leaving Be Well Solutions because of the very high level of customer satisfaction.

What some of the other key benefits working with Be Well Solutions.

  • We take the work of HR shoulders for administration of the wellness program.
  • HR has access to live data through the HR Admin Portal
  • Participants indicate they enjoy the wellness services, professional staff and find the programs impactful
  • BWS can partner with your EAP, Benefits Consultant and Carrier to provide a well received, holistic benefits program

BWS provides evidence-based, “best-practices” wellness, aimed at engaging participants, and controlling healthcare related expenses. Our biometric screenings, wellbeing platform and incentive tracking are comprehensive, and designed to increase morale, catch problems early and promote behavior change. We will partner with you to create a competitive edge, attract new clients and retain your client base.

Critical areas of compliance in-house

Our customers are reassured by Be Well Solutions’ commitment to healthcare and legal compliance. By maintaining an in-house Compliance Officer, we ensure that all our programs are legal, HIPAA and EEOC compliant. This a must have in 2019. Just another reason why you should go with Be Well Solutions. Our overall package results in high customer satisfaction, coupled with a heightened sense by our brokers and customers that they have made the right decision.

How Be Well Solutions is unique

We will work with you to enhance your existing services. More than just offering services like other wellness providers, we are well-known for our “high touch” approach, both with your staff, as well as your employees. Employees very much appreciate our hands on and personalized approach. As a mid-sized provider, we can deliver most of the services you, but at the same time offer a personal touch. Additionally, Be Well Solutions is well-known for the Dietetic Internship program it conducts for recent graduates of credentialed dietician programs throughout the country; all of whom must complete an internship programs to gain a license. The RDN is the only healthcare professional qualified to provide nutrition advice with a clinical perspective. These dietitians provide a great additional benefit for our clients – a benefit that most of our broker partners greatly appreciate and recognize the unique value.

A primary goal of Be Well Solutions is to improve the health of our client’s employee population. We provide wellness services that target disease prevention, early detection, and healthy aging with a focus on risk management, behavioral intervention and consumer education. This cannot be accomplished without the contribution of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Be Well Solutions believes RDNs make the best health educators. RDNs perform the following functions for Be Well Solutions:

  • Evaluating biometric results with individuals at health screenings
  • Onsite or telephonic nutrition counseling sessions
  • Developing and Presenting nutrition-related seminars
  • Creation of nutrition related wellness campaigns
  • Creation and presentation of educational cooking demonstrations
  • Monthly recipes with accurate nutritional information for our newsletter
  • Assistance with strategic wellness program planning
  • Nutrition environmental assessment of organizations
  • And more!

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