Apps for Meditation and Stress Reduction

Do you often get overwhelmed by stress? Not sure how to manage the rush of everyday life? You might consider giving mediation a try! Mediation is a well-established method for relaxation and stress reduction and may help improve sleep, concentration, anxiety and overall health. This practice helps push aside thoughts that may be distracting, negative, or stress-inducing, and focuses attention on the present moment. Thoughts of the past or worries about the future are pushed aside to focus on the peaceful moments spent in the experience. This is often accomplished through focusing on an external object, a repetitive word or phrase or slow, deep breathing patterns.

Meditation is a skill that takes practice. To help you get started, there are many apps available that teach proper meditation techniques and can be done in as little as 2 minutes. See our review of some popular mediation apps below.


With over 60 million users, Headspace is one of the most popular mediation apps on the market. There are many great features in the app but one of our favorites are the “mini-mediations.” These quick 60-second sessions are perfect for at work when you need to relieve some stress but are short on time.

Cost: $12.99 per month after a 1-week free trial or $69.99 annually after a 2-weeks free trail


Calm allows you to tailor your app experience based on your personal goals and new mediations are added daily. Guided sessions range from 3 to 25 minutes and programs are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

Cost: $69.99 annually after 7-day free trail or $399.99 one-time fee for unlimited access for life

Insight Timer

Promoted as the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress, Insight Timer is a budget-friendly option for a high-quality meditation experience. The app provides over 30,000 guided meditations at no cost to the user. All stats are tracked in the app so users can evaluate their progress and set goals for their future practice.

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Written by BWS Dietitian-Melissa Morningstar Vajas RD, LD

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