A mocktail can be a perfect addition to an evening of partying or relaxing at the pool. Try something healthy and refreshing to enjoy this summer. Use the tips below to create a signature drink without the worries of excess calories.


Recipes can use a variety of ingredients such as club soda, tonic water, juice, and coconut water.

Seltzer water, club soda, or tonic water: Which one is better?

  • Seltzer water and club soda are calorie free and great ingredients for mocktails. Unfortunately, tonic water is high in added sugar. To put it in perspective, 12 fluid ounces of tonic water has 33 grams of added sugar (about 8 teaspoons of sugar). If you use tonic water, be mindful of your portion size since calories can add up quickly or try no sugar added tonic water.
  • Tip: If you choose flavored seltzer water, check the nutrition facts label to see if it has added sugar.

Juice vs Coconut Water

  • If you choose juice, select 100% juice instead of concentrate. Try to limit the amount of juice in the recipe. You can cut the juice used in the recipe in half and replace with club soda or coconut water. Coconut water is a great option but choose unsweetened coconut water to decrease your added sugar intake.


  • Mocktails are a fun way to play with different flavor combinations. Try adding in fresh herbs like mint, spices, and fruit to make an invigorating drink during a hot day.

Check out the recipes below:

Nonalcoholic strawberry-margaritas

Fresh fruit sangria

Cucumber mint spritzer

Summer berry citrus spritzer


Written by BWS Dietitian-Melissa Morningstar Vajas RD, LD

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