Back to School, Fall 2020

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The global pandemic is presenting challenges to school systems across the country. In an effort to balance the benefits of on-site learning with public health, many school districts are moving forward with in-person classes or a hybrid of in-person and remote. Other districts favor completely remote learning. Each scenario presents new challenges but working together with your children’s teachers can help keep everyone healthy and engaged.

Back to School Resources from the CDC

Heading back to the classroom this fall can be exciting for students. For younger children, the uncertainty of a new classroom environment, different routines, and protocols to follow may prove to be stressful. To start a conversation about these uncertainties, utilize the CDC’s talking points to help address questions children may have about entering back into the classroom. Helping our children reduce their stress allows them to be more focused on learning and fun.

Tips for the New School Year:

Stay Informed

  • Have open communication between school and family
  • Attend meetings when they are offered

Educate Children on COVID Guidelines

Things to Pack for On-site Learning

  • Extra mask
  • Hand sanitizer (if allowed by school) in backpack and lunch box (FDA hand sanitizer updates)
  • Consider packing lunch in a paper bag that students can throw away after use

Tips for Virtual Classrooms

  • Children tend to do better with consistency and routine. Maintain a home learning routine as close to their normal school routine as possible. Keep set times for learning, meals & snacks, physical activity, and bedtime.
  • Set up a designated area for student(s) to learn – make sure it is quiet and away from distractions.
  • Check out the CDC’s Virtual Learning Checklist for more great tips to be successful this year.

Preparing your students will likely be a challenge, but one that can be overcome with great results. Check out the CDC’s complete Back to School Checklist for more great tips to stay healthy this school year.

Additional Resources for the School Year:

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