Try a New Move- Vacuum Hold

Vacuum and…hold! What if you could train your core by laying on the floor? This month’s new move—vacuum holds—aims to strengthen your transverse abdominis, combat lower back pain, and improve posture. “Vacuum holds” earn their name from the belly suctioning action needed to engage your transverse abdominis. Grab a group of coworkers and try this out before or after your lunch break.  Read on to find a set of abdominal exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home (or workplace or hotel) tonight! Your transverse abdominis runs horizontally between your ribs and pelvis and is one of the deepest core muscles in your body, acting as a stabilizer for the entire lower back and lumbar spine. In fact, some fitness professionals consider this to be one of the most important core muscles in the body! When activated, [...]