Top Ways Exercise Helps Manage Arthritis

  Exercise routines can be hard to stick to, but when you have arthritis getting started can be even more difficult. However, regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to help manage arthritis pain and maintain a good range of motion. Why Exercise? Reduce Pain and Stiffness. It might seem backward to exercise when joints are stiff and sore from arthritis, but consistent exercise helps keep our bodies in motion. A well-rounded exercise routine that includes aerobic, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises will increase your range of motion. This increased range of motion will help to lower pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.  Joint Support. Muscle strengthening is a key part of a balanced exercise routine. Incorporating muscle strengthening exercises will help provide a better support system for your joints. The more support joints have, the less wear [...]

Decrease Inflammation with Diet

  Anti-Inflammatory Foods Our bodies have a natural ability to fight off invading predators! The immune system protects us from microbes and illness every single day. This process of protection causes inflammation. There are foods that can cause inflammation too. Unfortunately, this can lead to chronic inflammation within our bodies. According to Harvard Health Publishing, chronic inflammation is the cornerstone for preventable diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. What foods cause inflammation? What foods calm inflammation?  What we eat can truly affect how we feel. Cause Inflammation Foods typically recommended to avoid such as high fat, processed, or calorically dense foods are the same foods that can cause chronic inflammation. According to Dr. Kielcolt-Glaser from the Department of Psychiatry at Ohio State University, these foods modulate pathways within us that increase physical, immune, and nervous system stress. Not only [...]