CSHRM: Workplace Wellness – Creating a Healthy Workforce

Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Our Presenter: Bill Frankel, Executive Vice President and Principal of Be Well Solutions Wellness has been the buzzword in business for the past few years. More and more organizations of all sizes are venturing into the wellness arena in order to cut healthcare related expenses. This has led to more insurance companies, healthcare organizations, employee assistance programs, brokers, and entrepreneurs jumping on the wellness bandwagon. Website after website will tout the wellness services offered by these opportunists. Organizations are left wondering what to do. Questions arise. What components of wellness are important? How does my organization measure return on investment (ROI)? How much does wellness cost? Finally, is my organization a good candidate for wellness? Wellness is all about reducing risk factors. Valid research indicates that up to 70% of the leading causes of death [...]