Identifying Credible Nutrition Information, September 2020

5 Tips for Identifying Credible Nutrition Information Read time: 3 min 9 sec Accessing nutrition information is now easier than ever with social media, television, and the internet. But with an onslaught of information comes the challenge of having to decide which sources you can trust. Our registered dietitians have provided their top 5 tips for identifying credible nutrition and health-related information.   1. Evaluate the Source Media and News Outlets: These sources often sensationalize articles to engage readers and TV viewers. As a result, nutrition research can be over-generalized or misrepresented. It is always best to check with a trusted, science-based source to compare what you see/hear in the news. Websites: In most cases, credible websites end in,, or This does not mean that websites ending in or should not be trusted, but they [...]