Home workouts have been revitalized and renovated over the last few years. As the pandemic prompted many individuals to find alternate means of exercise, it brought virtual fitness exploding onto the scene. The virtual fitness market is estimated to experience an increase of a 30.01% compound annual growth rate between 2020 and 2026 (Global News Wire). It increases the accessibility of exercise and brings a variety of classes, trainers, and programs directly to your living room.


The accessibility and variety of virtual fitness have helped make it popular. Many people now have exercise classes available with the touch of a button on their phones. You can attend a class or workout of your choice without leaving the comfort of your home. It allows for more flexibility in busy schedules. It accommodates those who are now working remotely from home. Participants can completely personalize their workouts by choosing the type, time, intensity, and space that fits their needs. This customization makes it a feasible option for any age and fitness level.


Stream Classes and Workouts. You can stream classes and workout programs through apps, videos, and social media. This type of virtual fitness is one of the most popular and easily accessible. Users can find workouts for any budget because they range from free versions to paid versions. Some platforms offer live classes to schedule and attend, just like an in-person class. Many platforms also have an on-demand database to use at any time. Check out the resources below to find the top online and app virtual fitness classes for 2023:

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Virtual Reality (VR) Classes. Turn your workouts into a gaming session with virtual reality (VR) and escape the monotony without leaving your home. Many VR programs allow users to exercise with others virtually and even include a chat function. It gives the feeling of being in person with the flexibility of staying home. Participants can try activities in different areas, like a workout at the beach, exercise in another country, or even in space. The headsets can be expensive, so this activity is more of an investment. However, if this is appealing to you, it can be a way to increase activity without feeling like exercise. The use of headsets can help minimize outside distractions too.

Virtual Gym Class and Hybrid Options. Some gyms are now offering virtual and hybrid memberships. They know the importance of having the flexibility of working out at home, but with the resources that come with a gym membership. Many virtual gym options have trainers and instructors to help customize your goals, answer questions, and support your fitness journey. Others offer hybrid options, which include virtual programming and in-person membership. This hybrid allows you to get the best of both worlds.


Virtual fitness is another example of how workouts can fit anyone’s needs and interests. Whether you enjoy exercise at a gym, outdoors, or in your own home, focus on a personalized plan to get moving!

Always consult with your physician before starting a new exercise program.


Written by BWS Lead Health Coach- Kelly Schlather, BS, ASCM – CEP

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