6 Ways to Exercise Sustainably

Did you know you can lend a hand in taking care of our environment by the way you exercise? Sustainability in our exercise starts with treating our resources responsibly. We’re taking a look at six ways we can exercise more sustainably. Drink from Reusable Water Bottles Proper hydration before, during, and after exercise is a necessity. However, plastic water bottles can pile up as waste in landfills. Less than one-third of plastic bottles actually get recycled (Beyond Plastics). Most reusable water bottles hold almost double the amount of water as a typical plastic bottle. This makes reusable water bottles not only a smart choice for the environment but a smart choice for your wallet too! Exercise Outdoors Use natural resources for your workout! Take a walk at a nearby park. Go hiking with friends or family members. Save money and [...]

Top Fitness Apps for 2022

Welcome to the New Year, a great time to re-establish fitness goals! Countless apps make it easier than ever to have exercise resources right at your fingertips. How do you choose the best one for you? We’ve tested and highlighted some of the year’s top fitness apps below.  MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal has been around since 2005, but its capabilities continue to increase. This is a website and app for tracking daily diet and exercise to help reach fitness, nutrition, and weight management goals. You can log food and water intake, exercise, and weight progress each day. MyFitnessPal makes tracking easy by allowing you to input food from scanning barcodes or choosing from a large database of options. It even lets you set tracking reminders to help keep your goals at the forefront of your day. Most capabilities are free; however, you [...]

Maintaining Exercise Habits While Traveling

Keeping a consistent exercise routine can be difficult when your schedule includes traveling for work or vacation. Being in a new space with a different schedule can easily throw us off track. However, it’s still possible to continue an exercise habit while traveling, even if that routine looks a little different than usual. Use the steps below to help maintain your workouts while on the go. Plan for Exercise Continuing your exercise habit while on vacation starts with planning. If we fail to plan ahead of time, chances are exercise will fall to the bottom of the priority list in a hurry. Before your trip, think about what your daily itinerary might look like and choose a time that would work best for exercise. Research to find out if the place you're staying has a workout facility or equipment. If [...]

Shake Up Your Exercise with a HIIT Workout

    High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of workout that alternates brief periods of vigorous exercise with periods of moderate activity, or rest (recovery). For example, a person could run for 30 seconds and then walk for three minutes. The periods of vigorous exercise and periods of rest/recovery can vary, as can the intensity levels of both. This allows HIIT workouts to be very adaptable to each individual and their fitness levels. The popularity of HIIT has remained on the rise thanks to continued research supporting it as an efficient and effective way to get and stay fit. HIIT is an excellent way for you to improve your fitness level and health, but it does require pushing your body to a higher intensity, so take your level of fitness into account before starting. Consulting a doctor before beginning [...]

Get Moving with the Whole Family this Spring

Get Moving with the Whole Family this Spring Read Time: 2 minutes 4 seconds Spring is great time to increase your activity and exercise and carry it through the rest of the year. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, only 1 in 3 children are physically active each day, and less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Getting the whole family involved in exercise helps create a support system, healthier habits, and lasting motivation.   Give These Family-Friendly Activities a Try Go Hiking or Biking. Hop on your bike or grab your gym shoes and hit the trails. It is a great time of year to walk or cycle on nearby sidewalks, bike trails, or even at a park. If it has been a while since you have had your [...]

Try a New Move: Getting Active During a Quarantine

Getting Active During a Quarantine Social distancing and self-quarantine are essential for stopping the spread of COVID-19. While many gyms and fitness facilities have temporarily closed their doors, there are still many ways to continue staying active at home and outdoors. Outdoor Activities Unless you are sick or have been directed by your state or local government to remain indoors, stepping outside for some fresh air is a great way to get active. Be sure to practice social distancing when outdoors. Remain 6 feet away from others and avoid gathering in groups larger than 10 people. Take a walk in your neighborhood or local park. Lace-up your sneakers for a run. If you are new to running, download a running app to help you get started. Go for a bike ride with your family. Take care of the yard work [...]

Try a New Move: Strength Training

Strength Training Many people are familiar with the recommendation to exercise for 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week. What many Americans neglect, however, is the importance of resistance (anaerobic or strength) training. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends generally healthy adults engage in muscle-strengthening exercises twice a week for all major muscle groups. Routine strength training has several benefits such as building and maintaining muscle mass, improving quality of life, and supporting strong bones. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, around the age of 40 muscle mass begins to decline due to an age-related condition known as sarcopenia. Incorporating resistance training into your weekly workout routine can help slow and even prevent excess amounts of age-related muscle loss. Weight-bearing exercise also helps build bone mineral density. For most adults, bone loss begins to occur after the [...]

Stress Less: The Power of Yoga

The Power of Yoga Feeling a little stressed lately but not sure how to tackle it? Give yoga a try! Yoga has been growing in popularity over the years and for good reason. Research has shown that incorporating yoga into your exercise routine can improve your physical health and mental health as well. Benefits of Yoga Improves mood and sleep patterns Increases flexibility and muscle strength Decreases risk factors for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease Reduces lower back pain Starting a Yoga Routine There are many different types of yoga and each class can vary in length and difficulty. Check out your local gyms and community centers for yoga classes. If you are new to yoga, look for beginner classes and talk to your instructor about any concerns that you may have before class. Love yoga or interested [...]

New Move: Jump Rope

Jump Rope Jumping rope isn’t just for kids. Jumping rope is a simple way to incorporate aerobic (cardio) exercise into your day without going to the gym. Regular aerobic exercise lowers the risk of developing certain diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Three Reasons to Jump Rope Convenient: Going on a business trip or short on time? Pack a jump rope for a quick and efficient workout while on the road. Effective: Jumping rope burns calories similar to other cardio exercises (running, biking, etc.) If you’re new to exercise, jumping rope is a great way to kickstart your exercise routine. Start off slowly and increase your time as your endurance improves. Fun: Want to play with your kids but still workout? Make a game out of it and include your family for a fun activity. Bored with your regular exercise [...]

Try a New Move: Bob & Weave

Bob & Weave When it comes to getting fit, we most commonly choose exercises that favor forward motion like walking, cycling, and running. We may move backward when doing reverse lunges or a backstroke, but lateral movements become an afterthought. Think about the last time you purposefully moved side-to-side. It might be challenging to recall! When we favor one plane of motion, the same dominant muscles get bigger and stronger, while smaller stabilizer muscles don’t get challenged and stay the same. Don’t get us wrong, forward and backward movements are invaluable, but moving in other directions comes with benefits. For muscles in the lower body, lateral motions even-out strength imbalances by working stabilizing muscles on the inside and outside of the legs. The “bob and weave” is a lateral (sideways) single leg muscle-strengthening exercise that requires heavy use of your [...]