Feeling bored or stuck with your current exercise routine? Then group fitness might be your answer. This style of exercise is constantly changing and evolving. Due to the wide variety of options, it is easy to find a class of interest. We’ve rounded up and explored some of the newest trends in group fitness.

Group Personal Training

Group personal training has become a more budget-friendly option for personalized training. The group usually consists of two to five participants, so the cost per person is less than a private session. Since these groups are smaller than a typical group fitness class, you can still have individualized training specific to your goals and needs. Grab a few friends and begin your fitness journey together.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Exercising with a group can help boost motivation and accountability, but day-to-day challenges can make it tough to meet in person consistently. Virtual fitness classes have boomed over the last few years, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Thanks to technology like apps, video channels, and virtual reality (VR) headsets, you can now participate in the same fitness class with someone miles away. Check out the FitOn App  (https://fitonapp.com) for free virtual fitness classes you can complete on your own or with friends.

Gamification Fitness

Apps and VR have been turning exercise into video games for a while now, but lately, it’s making its way into group fitness. Some classes, such as Orangetheory Fitness (https://www.orangetheory.com), keep a leaderboard to show your progress throughout the workout. Others offer rewards or points for attending and participating. Gamification fitness focuses more on self-competition rather than competing against others. It brings support and encouragement from participants around you.

Unique Styles of Group Fitness Classes

Gone are the days when group fitness classes only consisted of activities like step aerobics, dance, and stretching. There are many more options now bursting onto the scene. Here are some of the unique classes trending now.

  • Trapeze. This acrobatic class focuses on upper body and core strength. Other variations of this class include Dance Trapeze and Yoga Trapeze.
  • Hula Hoop. Put some fun back into your workout routine with this old childhood toy. Hula-hooping classes emphasize dance, cardio, and toning for a full-body workout.
  • Roller Skating. Dust off your roller skates and grab your friends. Roller Skating fitness classes turn this childhood activity into a heart-pumping cardio workout.
  • Workouts with a View. Imagine your favorite group fitness class but with a breathtaking view. You’ll quickly forget you’re exercising when you’re staring at scenery like a grassy park, a sandy beach, or a hill overlooking a city. Many group fitness classes combine exercise with a dose of nature by meeting outdoors in a spot with a great view.
  • Hot Barre. You might be familiar with Hot Yoga classes with elevated temperatures during your session. Hot Barre is similar but uses ballet-style postures focusing on posture and strength. Bring plenty of water and stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout.
  • Indoor Surf Training. Dreaming about catching a wave, but there’s no ocean nearby? Indoor surf training uses a surfboard exercise machine to mimic surfing without any water or sharks to worry about.

Check out your local gym and rec centers to see what classes are near you. If you’re hunting for something specific, try searching with a website such as ClassPass (https://classpass.com).

Always consult with your physician before starting a new exercise program.

Written by BWS Lead Health Coach- Kelly Schlather, BS, ASCM – CEP

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