Mind-Body Fitness

Mind-body fitness incorporates mental engagement with active movement and controlled breathing. This full-body approach to activity focuses on body awareness during exercise and can also include mindful meditation. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of this fitness style and ways you can add it to your current workout routine. Benefits Mind-body fitness is a form of activity that allows the individual to see full-body benefits. When our mind is prepared for and focused on the exercise we're completing, it can help us pay more attention to our movements. We’re more in tune with our intensity, technique, and form. More awareness lowers the risk of injury and increases the ability to experience the benefits of physical activity. Research has shown how this type of fitness can benefit overall health and disease management. Research suggests, “Incorporating approaches such as mind-body [...]

Eye Yoga

Eye Yoga You’re most likely familiar with the term Yoga, which encompasses exercises focusing on breath, flexibility, mindfulness, and strength in various postures or poses. So, what exactly is Eye Yoga, and how can it be a beneficial part of our exercise routine? Let’s take a deeper look. What Is It? Eye Yoga consists of exercises or movements that focus specifically on the muscles supporting the eye. These exercises are designed to help with better eye focus and give you a break from something you have been looking at for an extended time, such as a computer screen, phone, etc. Some common Eye Yoga exercises include palming, eye-rolling, focus shifting, and distance gazing. Yoga International has an informative guide for performing these exercises. What Are the Benefits? There has been mixed research on Eye Yoga and its specific benefits. Some [...]

Stress Less: The Power of Yoga

The Power of Yoga Feeling a little stressed lately but not sure how to tackle it? Give yoga a try! Yoga has been growing in popularity over the years and for good reason. Research has shown that incorporating yoga into your exercise routine can improve your physical health and mental health as well. Benefits of Yoga Improves mood and sleep patterns Increases flexibility and muscle strength Decreases risk factors for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease Reduces lower back pain Starting a Yoga Routine There are many different types of yoga and each class can vary in length and difficulty. Check out your local gyms and community centers for yoga classes. If you are new to yoga, look for beginner classes and talk to your instructor about any concerns that you may have before class. Love yoga or interested [...]

Namaste Calm

We all need a variety of strategies in our stress-busting toolkits that can effectively activate our body’s natural relaxation response. There’s no one right way to manage stress, but the techniques you use should resonate with you, fit your lifestyle, and enable you to shift your focus away from everyday thoughts. For many, yoga—a series of physical postures, breathing techniques, and mediation—does the trick. The individual components of yoga (stretching, deep breathing, and meditation) are great standalone stress reduction techniques. But together, they are bolstered. According to a national survey of U.S. adults, 86% of people who practiced yoga said it helped reduce their stress, 67% said it helped them feel better emotionally, and 59% said it improved their sleep. Others reported that it gave them the motivation to eat healthier, cope with medical problems, or use fewer tobacco products. [...]