The popularity of wearable fitness devices isn’t slowing down anytime soon. It’s only gaining steam! We’re here to unpack the latest technology trends for fitness wearables and trackers.

Wearables for Stress and Sleep Management

Health and wellness wearables have gone beyond simple step counting, with many now incorporating stress and sleep management features. Some even focus solely on these features. The Apollo Wearable1 uses silent vibrations to help promote stress management, relaxation, focus, and better sleep. They also have an app to use with the bands and with Oura Rings2 as well. Another tech gadget bursting onto the wellness scene is Muse3. Muse is a headband wearable designed to help improve meditation practices. It uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure brain activity during personalized meditations and monitors heart rate and breath to make the most out of each practice. Their theory is that more attentive meditation can lead to better stress management, rest, and focus.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology takes fitness wearables beyond basic tracking and introduces the ability to generate personalized information. AI functions add individualized coaching plans, recommendations, and health monitoring to wearable devices. AI is even making its way into healthcare devices for better medical monitoring. Biobeat Medical4 has created wearables for hospital, ambulatory, and clinical research settings. Their devices use AI to analyze real-time data for early detection and personalized care plans. The use and accessibility of AI is likely to expand as more functional knowledge becomes available.

Smart Clothing

Another trend that is gaining popularity in the fitness world is Smart Clothing. Why limit wearables to watches, rings, and headbands when you can incorporate the technology into your shirts and shoes? Hexoskin Smart Shirts5 utilize sensors to monitor various data points, from heart rate and cardiovascular activity to respiration and sleep. The shirts are lightweight and offer UV protection. Nurvv Run Smart Insoles6 are another example of trending Smart Clothing. These insoles have sensors and GPS capabilities to capture unique and extensive data to help with performance and injury prevention.

The world of wearable health and fitness is growing daily at a rapid rate. Devices are becoming more extensive and personalized, meaning there’s a good chance you’ll find one that interests you while positively impacting your wellness journey.

Always consult with your physician before starting a new exercise program.

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