Weigh of Life | Midpoint Success Measures 

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Our January Weigh of Life participants are more than halfway through the 12-week program and have covered topics including the basics of weight management, the purpose of your plate, physical activity, grocery shopping tips, meal planning, dining out, and stress management.

Over the next several weeks, we will cover how to work through a plateau, fueling workouts, preparing for special events, and more.  We have compiled data from the first 6 weeks and are excited to share the following success measures.


Midpoint Success Measures

  • Produce consumed has increased by an average of 2.4 servings each week
  • Recorded weekly exercise has increased by an average of 44 minutes

Participants from three organizations have collectively increased produce consumption, exercise minutes, and have lost an incredible amount of weight!


Provide Weigh of Life to your Organization

Weigh of Life’s next program kick-off date is Monday, April 5th, 2021. The Weigh of Life program is available on an organizational basis and cannot be purchased individually. To learn more about bringing Weigh of Life to your organization, call Bill Frankel at (216) 378-0888.


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