Wellness Programming

We offer a full range of employee wellness programs to help your employees maximize their emotional and physical well-being, including health coaching, educational seminars and employee wellness campaigns. Click here to view more corporate wellness offerings.

Be Well Cares is a proactive outreach program that contacts people who are at higher risk of certain conditions or who may be in need of particular screening exams. Our health professionals reach out to people in a caring and confidential manner and encourage them to work with their doctors and/or a health coach in the interest of reducing risk.

Throughout the wellness year, we contact people who are at higher risk for heart disease or cancer, many who are pre-diabetic or diabetic and people who may be due for screening exams, e.g. colonoscopies and mammograms.

All coaching is conducted by certified health and wellness professionals.  We offer telephonic coaching to all interested participants and in some cases, onsite coaching is available.
Be Well Solutions offers over 30 seminars on wellness topics related to healthy aging, exercise, medical consumerism, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress relief and weight management.  All seminars can be offered live onsite or through our online video library.  The online videos also come with quizzes that can be tracked and tied to incentive programs.

For groups with multiple locations or shifts, we also offer DVD’s with a series of six 10-20 minute seminars.

Be Well Solutions offers a variety of educational and interactive programs designed to help participants take steps toward a healthier lifestyle.  These programs focus on healthy behavior changes such as increasing physical activity, improving nutritional choices, reducing stress, smoking cessation and losing or maintaining weight.

Wellness Participants have a multitude of resources available to them in their personal health portal, including:

  • Biometric Screening Results
  • Health Risk Assessment (online)
  • Online Individual Risk Profile
  • Health Action Plan
  • Video Library
Each month, Be Well Solutions sends a poster and two newsletters on wellness-related topics for distribution to your population.