Have you been thinking about ways the whole family can stay active this season? Dust off your gaming platform and get moving with these action-packed video games.

Aerobic Games

Aerobic Games bring popular cardio classes right to your living room. They are a fun way to add in extra activity when you are short on time or space.

Zumba Fitness

Zumba has been a heart-pumping cardio option for years, and now you can bring the popular dance class to your living room.

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Platforms: Nintendo Wii (with Remote), PlayStation 3 (using PlayStation Move), Xbox 360 (with Kinect)







Just Dance 2022

Just Dance consists of choreographed workout dances to the latest chart-topping hits. You don’t need any extra controllers for your gaming console because you can use your smartphone as the controller. You can also have up to 6 players for a family-friendly game night.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch



Fitness Boxing 2


If you’re interested in a cardio-focused workout, but dancing isn’t your thing, then there are other options like Fitness Boxing 2. This game will increase your heart rate by performing boxing moves set to pop songs. Challenge a friend or family member using the two-player function.

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Platform: Nintendo Switch






Multi Fitness Games

Multi-Fitness games branch out a little further to allow more customization to your workout. If you’re looking for a fitness game that includes variety, these options will help you create a more balanced home workout routine.


Shape Up

This video game turns workouts into quick, action-packed challenges. It contains both cardio and strength-based exercises to choose from. You have the option of challenging a friend or playing solo against the computer characters.

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Platform: Xbox One (with Kinect)






Nike+ Kinect Training

Create and follow a workout program that fits your body, performance level, and goals. Nike trainers will coach you through the workouts, and you’ll perform progress assessments every four weeks to help you stay on track.

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Platform: Xbox 360 (with Kinect)







Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board 

Incorporate all the main components of exercise with this game: cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. Wii Fit Plus will allow you to customize your workout based on time and type.

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Platform: Nintendo Wii



VR Games

Virtual Reality (VR) games have become a huge trend, and their active nature brings many new ways of exercising at home. If you love the latest in gaming, then you’ll enjoy checking out the active video games that VR has to offer.


Beat Saber

Move to the beat in this Virtual Reality game by slashing cubes and dodging obstacles. This game is focused on cardio exercise and has a variety of packs available with music from popular artists.

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Available At: Steam, Oculus Store, PlayStation Store





This VR game is a monthly membership that brings the gym to your home. FITXR has a library of on-demand dancing, boxing, and HIIT classes. New workouts are added to the platform daily as well. Exercise in a clifftop studio or on a dance floor by choosing your virtual workout environment. You can even keep the social aspect of exercising at a gym by virtually working out with up to 6 friends.

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Available At: Oculus Store


Power Beats VR

Move your way to a higher score in the Power Beats VR game. This game includes heart-pumping boxing and body-weight movements to music for a full-body workout. This game is highly customizable by allowing you to make your own playlists, choose your virtual workout environment, and tailor the exercises to your height and fitness level. Power Beats will track your metrics in real-time and connects to heart rate monitoring devices on some platforms.

ESRB Rating: Teen

Available At: Steam, Oculus Store


Always consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

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Written by BWS Lead Health Coach- Kelly Schlather, BS, ASCM – CEP