Top Video Games That Will Keep You Active

Have you been thinking about ways the whole family can stay active this season? Dust off your gaming platform and get moving with these action-packed video games. Aerobic Games Aerobic Games bring popular cardio classes right to your living room. They are a fun way to add in extra activity when you are short on time or space. Zumba Fitness Zumba has been a heart-pumping cardio option for years, and now you can bring the popular dance class to your living room. ESRB Rating: Everyone Platforms: Nintendo Wii (with Remote), PlayStation 3 (using PlayStation Move), Xbox 360 (with Kinect)             Just Dance 2022 Just Dance consists of choreographed workout dances to the latest chart-topping hits. You don’t need any extra controllers for your gaming console because you can use your smartphone as the controller. You [...]