Keeping a consistent exercise routine can be difficult when your schedule includes traveling for work or vacation. Being in a new space with a different schedule can easily throw us off track. However, it’s still possible to continue an exercise habit while traveling, even if that routine looks a little different than usual. Use the steps below to help maintain your workouts while on the go.

Plan for Exercise

Continuing your exercise habit while on vacation starts with planning. If we fail to plan ahead of time, chances are exercise will fall to the bottom of the priority list in a hurry. Before your trip, think about what your daily itinerary might look like and choose a time that would work best for exercise. Research to find out if the place you’re staying has a workout facility or equipment. If not, think about whether or not you will bring any equipment with you. Also, take a look at nearby facilities such as parks or hiking and biking trails. Knowing your options and having a plan in place before you arrive can make all the difference.

Pack Light

Consider exercise equipment you can bring with you if there are no exercise facilities or equipment available onsite. Pack light, versatile equipment that you know you will use. Items like resistance bands and jump ropes are light and can easily fit in the side pocket of a suitcase. If packing equipment is not an option, you can always utilize exercise apps on your phone or bodyweight exercises that require no extra equipment at all! Pack workout attire like gym clothes, a swimsuit, and gym shoes. Lay these items out when you get there, so it will be an extra reminder to complete your workout.

Actively Explore

Finally, add some adventure to your workout. Choose something that will make exercise while traveling more enjoyable. If the area safely permits, choose to walk to your destinations. Consider renting a bike during your stay. You might even find some local hidden gems while walking or biking that you would otherwise miss when driving by. See if there is a local gym or yoga class that you can drop in. Think about activities you like and how you can incorporate those during your stay.

Thankfully, exercise doesn’t have to consist of the same routine all the time. Planning activity while traveling could be that extra spark for added variety. Continuing to stay active while on a trip will allow you to keep your exercise habit consistent. It will also make for an easier transition of getting back into your usual routine once you’re home.

Always consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

Written by BWS Lead Health Coach- Kelly Schlather, BS, ASCM – CEP