Caring for our mental health is necessary for our overall health and wellness. It can often feel daunting to figure out where to start when we need extra support. Whether you’re looking for something local or discreet, there’s always a solution to help fit your personal needs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to find mental health support and services.

Talk with Your Doctor

A primary care doctor or nurse practitioner can be a helpful resource. Many doctors have therapists, counselors, and support groups they routinely work with. Since your doctor knows your medical history, they’ll know your current medications, conditions, and preferences. They can connect you with the right individual for further support.

Look to Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Most large employers have EAPs which offer confidential professional assistance to employees and their families facing personal or emotional challenges. Typically, EAP’s are staffed around the clock with professional counselors who can provide short-term plans to address a variety of stressors including mental health, financial, social and substance abuse issues.

Find Community Support

Your community is a helpful and convenient place to find mental health support. Many towns and cities offer family services, so you don’t need to go far to find the care you need. Churches or local organizations often provide community support and counseling. Local support groups are a beneficial resource where you can work together with other people going through the same challenges you are facing. You can also check your state’s website for mental health and addiction services and resources.

Try an App

If going to a therapy appointment or talking with someone in person seems intimidating, opting for a mental health app could be your perfect fit. You’re still talking with a licensed professional and receiving personalized care, but instead of physically going to an appointment, you have resources at your fingertips from anywhere. TalkSpace is an app that matches you with a therapist based on your needs, and you can message them 24/7. They offer services for individuals, couples, teenagers, and medication management. BetterHelp is another platform that has a variety of therapy for various ages. They have services in app form as well as online. Sanvello is a program that offers self-guided resources, coping tools, community support, and access to coaches and therapists. There are many options now, so find one that fits your needs and is what you’re looking for.

Work with Reputable Organizations

Finally, there are many reputable organizations that can help you sift through the overwhelming information and direct you to the support and tools you need. The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. They provide education for living with mental health conditions and can help you find the corresponding treatment. Mental Health America (MHA) is a community-based organization with locations across the United States. They provide mental health screenings, education, and local support. Another organization to check out is the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). They offer support and services for those living with mental illness as well as families and caregivers of those living with mental illness.

Regardless of where you decide to find healthy support, know that there are people, groups, and resources that know what you’re going through and can help you. Remember, you never have to navigate your mental health alone.

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