Nutrition: White Whole-Wheat Flour

White Whole-Wheat Flour Read Time: 2 min 12 sec Cookies, pastries, and baked goods are synonymous with the holiday season. This year try giving your holiday baking a nutrient boost without compromising taste by substituting white whole-wheat flour for traditional all-purpose flour (“white” or “refined” flour). White whole wheat flour comes from a different type of plant that gives it a lighter color and milder taste compared to its traditional counterpart. WHOLE grain flour made from WHITE wheat! Not all “white” foods need to be avoided. Similar to regular whole-wheat flour, white whole-wheat flour is made using all three layers of the grain – bran, germ, and endosperm. In the baking aisle, you will generally find three types of wheat flour: regular whole wheat, white whole-wheat, and enriched (refined) all-purpose flour. Only whole-wheat and white whole-wheat are classified as whole [...]