Gluten: Sensitivity or Celiac, May 2021

Read Time: 1 min 35 sec   Flour is the foundation for a lot of the delicious food we eat such as pizza, bread, and pasta. Some people will “go gluten-free” to lose weight, others because they feel bloated after a plate of pasta, and those with arthritis symptoms because they were told it would decrease the pain and fatigue. Let’s breakdown what gluten is and who would benefit from “going gluten-free”. Gluten is a protein in flour that plays an important role in giving structure and texture to our food. Celiac disease is an immune reaction to gluten, not an allergy. Individuals with this disease must read food labels and avoid all foods containing gluten. If a person with Celiac disease consumes gluten, it causes damage to the lining of the small intestines. This can decrease the absorption of [...]

Nutrition: White Whole-Wheat Flour

White Whole-Wheat Flour Read Time: 2 min 12 sec Cookies, pastries, and baked goods are synonymous with the holiday season. This year try giving your holiday baking a nutrient boost without compromising taste by substituting white whole-wheat flour for traditional all-purpose flour (“white” or “refined” flour). White whole wheat flour comes from a different type of plant that gives it a lighter color and milder taste compared to its traditional counterpart. WHOLE grain flour made from WHITE wheat! Not all “white” foods need to be avoided. Similar to regular whole-wheat flour, white whole-wheat flour is made using all three layers of the grain – bran, germ, and endosperm. In the baking aisle, you will generally find three types of wheat flour: regular whole wheat, white whole-wheat, and enriched (refined) all-purpose flour. Only whole-wheat and white whole-wheat are classified as whole [...]