Plant-based Milks

Which Dairy Alternative is Right for You? The dairy aisle can be overwhelming these days. Which one to pick? Almond milk? Ripple milk? Oat milk? Not all dairy alternatives are created equal. Some barely contain any protein while others are loaded with added sugar. Review the chart below to compare the nutrient content of various dairy alternatives.   Type   Serving Size   Calories   Total Fat   Saturated Fat   Protein Whole milk   1 cup 150 calories 8g 5g 8g Soy milk (unsweetened)   1 cup 80 calories 4g 0.5g 7g Ripple milk* (unsweetened)   1 cup 80 calories 4.5g 0.5g 8g Almond milk (unsweetened)   1 cup 30 calories 3g 0g 1g Cashew milk (unsweetened)   1 cup 25 calories 2g 0g <1g Oat milk (unsweetened) 1 cup 45 calories 3g 0g 1g *Ripple milk is made [...]