Solar Safety

Summer is here, calling us outdoors to enjoy picnics, baseball games, gardening, bike rides, beaches, and swimming pools. People have worshipped the sun for thousands of years. Recently, however, avoiding the sun has become all the rage. The threat of cancer, skin damage, wrinkles and a host of other ailments has been attributed to sun exposure. Hats, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses, and sunblock lotion has become the norm. Sunshine—like anything else, it’s all about moderation! Can you get too little sun? What SPF is the best? What is the minimum sun exposure I need to meet my vitamin D requirements? Let’s take a look at the facts: Negative Effects of UV Light Cancer—Ultraviolet Radiation is a leading cause of malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. There is strong evidence that sun exposure is a major factor in the [...]