Simone Jasper for Inside Business Magazine

THE WELLNESS WARRIOR: Dani Palus shares Be Well Solutions’ passion for healthy living. 
Hire Date: May 2013

WHY IT’S A GREAT PLACE TO WORK: Be Well Solutions offers comprehensive wellness services while also promoting the wellness of its own employees with such benefits as discounted gym memberships and fresh fruit and smoothies served in the office. 

LIKE MINDS: At Be Well Solutions, Palus found co-workers who share her passion for healthy living. She developed an interest in preventive health care in high school, when her mom and aunt both died from cancer within months of each other. “Preventive screenings were so important,” Palus says. “If we had been able to do something earlier, we could have avoided that.”

FRUIT CRAVINGS: The Independence native graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in human nutrition in 2008. She tries to eat “cleanly,” choosing lean meats and whole fruits over processed foods. She has an apple and banana each day and appreciates that the company leaves fresh ones around the office for employees to snack on. “Sometimes our executive vice president will make smoothies and pass them out to everyone,” she says. She prefers strawberry-banana with a handful of spinach to balance the sweetness.

STAYING IN SHAPE: Palus started weightlifting in early 2013 as a way to challenge herself physically, and the results came quickly. She began deadlifting 70 pounds and now deadlifts 285 pounds. Palus has used the discounted gym membership that Be Well provides at Kings Gym and the Brecksville Community Center.

MENTORING: Bill Frankel, the company’s executive vice president, has mentored her since her first day, when he took her out to lunch to share his advice and support. As director of sales and marketing, it’s her job to get the word out about Be Well’s services to companies throughout the country, and his advice has guided her from day one. “He’s taught me that getting people excited about wellness is the best way to sell,” Palus explains.

FROM THE BOSS: “She’s super high-energy, and she’s a likeable person,” says Be Well Solutions executive vice president Bill Frankel. “We like to hire people who enjoy helping others. In our field, we help people live a healthy lifestyle.”