Ohio employers wanting to improve the health and wellness of their workers can benefit from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s newest program, the Workplace Wellness Grant Program (WWGP). It provides funding to assist employers in establishing training and programs to reduce health risk factors specific to their employees.

BWC established WWGP to study the effect of a wellness program in the workplace on bringing down incidence and cost of accidents and illnesses. The goal is to control the escalating cost of workers’ compensation claims through addressing health risk factors. The WWGP’s collateral goals are also to reduce health-care costs for employers, as well as improve the health of the workforce.

The BWC has established this program to meet the challenges of obesity, rising incidence of chronic diseases and the aging workforce. This program will assist employers with the creation and implementation of a workplace wellness program. The goal is to limit and control the escalating cost of workers’ compensation claims by helping employers develop health promotion programs for their employees. The secondary goals are to reduce health-care costs for employers, and improve the health and well-being of the workforce.

Who’s eligible
Below is a list of eligibility requirements to receive a workplace wellness grant.

  • Be a state-fund employer
  • Be current on monies owed to BWC – not more than 45 days past due
  • Maintain active coverage – not more than 40 days lapsed in the prior 12 months
  • Do not have a wellness program

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