Try a New Move: Turkey Stretch

TURKEY Warm-Up for Race Day Read Time: 2 min 2 sec November is here and so is the season for Turkey Trots. With large gatherings being limited, things might look a little different this year. But there are still plenty of ways to keep on trotting. Virtual races as well as neighborhood routes with your family are great options this fall. Whichever way you decide to participate and whether you are running or walking, it is always important to start with a warm-up to get your body ready for exercise, especially as temperatures begin to drop. One of the most beneficial things to include in your warm-up is dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretches, as opposed to static or traditional stretching, not only warm up your muscles for exercise, but they also help gradually elevate your heart rate and promote increased blood [...]

Soreness Reducing Dynamic Stretches

Soreness Reducing Dynamic Stretches Almost everyone who’s started an exercise program can tell you about how sore their muscles felt a day or two following their workout. Fitness professionals call exercise-related soreness delayed onset muscle soreness, commonly abbreviated to DOMS. DOMS might catch you by surprise because you feel fine the day you worked out, but very stiff and sore 24 hours later. DOMS is an entirely normal body response to exercise and can last from 48- 72 hours. Doing a workout that you haven’t tried before is most likely to cause muscle soreness. You might also experience DOMS when you do workouts with lots of sets and reps or strengthening exercises that stretch your muscle tissue, like deadlifts or push-ups. If you find that DOMS is mild and goes away in two-to-three days, this can be a sign you’re [...]