Tips for Cold Weather Running

Calling all Turkey Trotters and Jingle Runners! The races are ramping up, but the temperatures are starting to plummet. Even though the weather is getting colder, your running season doesn’t have to stop. With the proper planning, you can continue your training and enjoy race day. Proper Preparation Training. Preparing yourself for a successful event starts well before race day.  Pay attention to the forecast, temperature, and wind-chill and, then plan each run accordingly. Try out your cold-weather gear and layers before race day, so you’re familiar with them. Be mindful to include cross-training and adequate rest and recovery days to help lower the risk of injury. Since weather can be so unpredictable, you might find that winter is best for maintenance mileage rather than trying to PR. Fuel. Fueling up for your exercise is just as important on a [...]

Try a New Move: Turkey Stretch

TURKEY Warm-Up for Race Day Read Time: 2 min 2 sec November is here and so is the season for Turkey Trots. With large gatherings being limited, things might look a little different this year. But there are still plenty of ways to keep on trotting. Virtual races as well as neighborhood routes with your family are great options this fall. Whichever way you decide to participate and whether you are running or walking, it is always important to start with a warm-up to get your body ready for exercise, especially as temperatures begin to drop. One of the most beneficial things to include in your warm-up is dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretches, as opposed to static or traditional stretching, not only warm up your muscles for exercise, but they also help gradually elevate your heart rate and promote increased blood [...]